A Perfect Business Model: Moonlight Makes

I’ve done my fair share of teaching craft classes, workshops, private art parties, and outreach programs. I love teaching people new techniques or art forms. I love watching people create something unique and personal and having fun while they are making something. Sometimes I’ve had to do these classes and workshops on a shoestring budget and other times I’ve had the luxury of not having to worry about the budget. I haven’t always made money doing them, and more often than not, I’ve simply broken even.

I’ve often wondered about striking out on my own and starting my own craft business, but the fear of failure is real! It was so exciting to learn that the women of Moonlight Makes are expanding their business to include teaching you how to start your own craft workshop business!

These three women have figured out a way to make a living out of teaching crafts. For several years now they – Lisa, Michele, and Jessica – have been teaching folks how to make bath bombs, terrariums, sugar skulls, and gingerbread houses at local brew pubs, private parties, and corporate events.

They got to the point where they were so busy teaching workshops, they have done over 300 craft parties, they decided it was time to take their business to the next level. They thought about franchising or licensing their business, but those weren’t really practical ways for teachers to earn a profit. After teaching successfully for three years, they came up with the idea of teaching people how to start their own business to teach crafts! Imagine earning up to $800 profit per party?!

How exactly are they going to do this? They are starting off with something called Terrarium Camp. What exactly is Terrarium Camp?  It is an eight week virtual course that will take you through the process of learning how to make terrariums, how to teach the craft,  how to book venues , how to get a business license and register your name, where to order supplies, how to set up ticketing for your event, how to set up the financials and marketing – all the nuts and bolts of the business. It will then culminate in the eighth week when you actually teach your first class! Each Sunday during the eight weeks, they will release a training video and will be available for questions and answers and help you along the way.  Keep an eye out for the Terrarium Party Blueprints on their website and sign up for more information.

Eventually there will be other online camps, including some evergreen courses where you have a craft idea of your own and use their model to start your business. The next one will be Gingerbread House Camp! I love that they will have gingerbread house options such as a chapel, a mod house, adobe house, and castle! These women have such a wealth of information through the trials and errors of their own crafting businesses, you will reap the benefits. The bulk of the marketing of this program will be outside the Albuquerque area. If you are interested in taking the Terrarium Camp and you live in Albuquerque, they would cease doing that particular craft here and move on to another craft.

Imagine being able to start a business teaching a craft that you love and having a ready-made business model that works! I think this idea is genius. I am so excited that they’ve taken their business to the next level. I believe that once it gets going it will spread like wildfire. Sign up for one of their camps! Spread the word to folks outside of Albuquerque that might be interested in teaching crafting as a business. Information is on their website and they have super informative blogs as well!

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