I fell in love!

When I fall in love, I fall in love hard. I have fallen in love with Creative Culture ABQ. I have mentioned them several times in my blogs because I love, love, love them! If you are not familiar, it’s pretty much the only source of quality decorative paper and arts and crafts supplies in ABQ.

I have taken a couple of workshops offered by them and last night I took another! I made a mixed media diptych. I thought it would be fun to blog about it!

They offer workshops on Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm(ish). You can find the list of workshops here.

The great thing about these workshops is that you get to make something fun and beautiful to take home at the end of the night. Anne, the owner, is not only a great teacher but is also very knowledgeable about paper from all over the world and all the great craft supplies used. She also has a keen eye and exquisite taste as is evidenced by the products sold in her store.

Let’s talk about the project. The supplies were simple: two boards, dictionary pages, a sheet of images, two pieces of lokta paper, PVA glue, and Craft Fantastic images and glass and glaze. All the supplies are sold in the store.

First, we glued the dictionary pages to the boards with PVA glue.

Next, we added a strip of lotka paper to each board. The top board it was glued on vertically and the second board it was glued on horizontally. We then pushed the paper through both holes on the top board and only through the top hole on the second board.

We then cut out the beautiful images.

The smaller images of Victorian buttons were cut with excess paper around them because they would be adhered to round glass with Craft Fantastic Glaze and Glue.

Anne showed us image placement on the boards so that they were balanced. I like that we adhered them with foam double stickies to give them a 3D effect. Notice that some of the images are placed slightly off the edge of the board!

After we added all the images, we then placed the glass buttons with double stick dots.

Last but not least we added ribbon to attach the two boards together and ribbon to hang the piece. Voilà, the piece was finished! I love it!

The workshops are $29 and all the supplies are furnished. After the class there is time to shop and you get a 10% discount on purchases made that night.

These workshops are for all skill levels! Support a wonderful local business and make some art!

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