Displaying Your Work: Part 2

Recently I was part of a little pop-up and there was an artist with the coolest display I have ever seen. Joanna Furgal of Erised Charms walked in with two pink suitcases, she screwed in four legs on each case and opened them to reveal a great display of jewelry! Pure genius!

In a previous post, I discussed basic display ideas. This time I thought I’d be more specific about display fixtures. Finding the perfect way to display my art is something that I love to do. I tend to get a little obsessive buying display fixtures, but I have fun using unusual and unique fixtures.

What I decided to do was spend a day going to craft stores and digging through my supplies to give you some ideas of what could work for your crafts. It’s important to think outside the box and be creative!

Years ago I bought these hand towel holders to use to hang necklaces and ornaments. They are the perfect height and hold a lot of items. Hand towel holders come in many styles from ornate to simple and sleek. Check out places like Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and home decor departments of your favorite store.

I found this interesting piece and although I’m not sure what its real purpose is. I thought it would make a wonderful display for greeting cards or small prints! These were at a local craft store and it was relatively inexpensive with a coupon! I like the worn look, but could be painted.

Another thing that I have used in the past are cigar boxes. They are great for displaying items, but are also useful to use as “risers.” For example you can put your merchandise on top of several stacked boxes or open them up and put bracelets or buttons or cards inside!

Signage is another important component. These little signs are great ways to price your merchandise when you don’t want to price each item individually. Small chalkboards are another great idea to use as signage!

I make jewelry and I do use typical jewelry displays. I’m lucky because I found gorgeous earring stands from a store that was going out of business. They are pretty much one-of-a-kind pieces! Keep an eye out for stores that are going out of business and see if they are selling their fixtures. It is a great way to find unusual ones and they are often cheap! I do have an assortment of earring displays, though, depending on the look I want for my overall display. But you don’t necessarily have to use traditional jewelry displays. I’ve seen people use cupcake pans to put earrings, charms, or pins. Another great idea is to use bowls of dry rice or beans. It’s the perfect way to display rings if you don’t have a ring tray! I also took a photo of a gorgeous jewelry display at one of my favorite local shops, La Parada Mercantile. It is a beautiful hanging fixture for jewelry!

Below are some ideas for you to think about. Head to thrift stores, yard sales, or rummage around your garage or kitchen! For example, I’ve used cake stands as risers to highlight specific pieces of art. Think outside the box and get creative with your displays!

A fun and festive way to use risers or to hold your merchandise
Great way to group similar things together
You can never go wrong with baskets! Try painting them different colors!
I use this to hold boxed earrings

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