Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Since shelter-in-place began, I’ve discovered that the highlight of my day is waiting for the mail to arrive. I’ve done my fair share of online ordering, and it’s been fun getting packages. What I don’t get is non-advertisement, non-bills kinda mail. You know, handwritten letters and beautiful cards.

I’m now on a mission to get people to start the old fashioned art of writing letters and sending homemade cards. It’s a great way to make someone’s day as well as a great way to support the United States Postal Service!

Making your own cards is fun and easy! Actually, making envelopes is equally as fun and easy. Here are some websites to spark some inspiration.

Don’t be intimidated about making something ornate or over-the-top. Start out with a few simple postcards made out of cereal boxes or other food boxes! Use whatever you have around the house! These are so simple and very “pop-arty!” I love them! Postage for a 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ card is $0.35. Perfect way to let someone you know you are thinking about them.

If you want to make something a step above using cereal boxes, use cardstock! I personally love using rubber stamps, markers, and watercolor. If you don’t have rubber stamps, use what you have, colored pencils, markers, etc. Make collage postcards with leftover scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, whatever! There are plenty of ideas online, particularly on Pinterest!

Now let’s get to making cards! The internet is your friend and you will find a plethora of how-to ideas for card making. If you have cardstock at home you can make your own. Or you can buy ready-made blank cards with matching envelopes at your local craft store. I always have plenty of ready-made cards on hand. Recently, a local craft store closed and I bought a great supply of blank cards in a variety of colors. They always come in handy! Now comes the fun part! Creating the art for your cards.

I found this great how-to to make lovely patterned tape stencil cards! Just a few supplies that you most likely have at home and you are ready to go!

If you aren’t following The Crafty Chica, you really should! She’s my favorite crafter. She’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and has a website. She has so many how-to videos! She has great tutorials for card making which include shaker cards, pop-up cards, and day of the dead themed cards!

If you are making cards, but don’t have extra envelopes laying around, you can make your own. They are super easy to make. There are tons of templates online! If you do have envelopes, here’s a great idea for lining them with pretty craft paper. I have a set of plastic envelope templates that I like to use. You can get them online at Paper Source.

Below are cards that I’ve made. They are all simple to make! I use leftover decorative paper, loteria images, game pieces from around the world, and rubber stamps, markers, colored pencils, and watercolor.

Handmade cards and postcards are always so special to receive! Make some cards, write to your favorite aunt or uncle who may be in a nursing home, send a card to a friend you’ve been meaning to keep in touch with, or pop a postcard in the mail to your best friend just to remind them how important they are in your life!

Let’s keep the post office going and have fun while we’re at it!

Here are two cards I made with rubber stamps, watercolor paint, markers. I simply cut out the image and glued it on the card!

Postcards made with rubber stamps, markers and watercolor paint.

Here are some cards I made with ephemera I had stashed.

Super easy cards with scraps of decorative paper. I’m especially fond of Japanese and Italian papers!

A local shop always has the best ephemera and I purchased cool cardboard game pieces to use in card making and collage. LoterĂ­a images and clip art images are fun to use. Get creative and find interesting images to collage!

A mix of all of them!

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