Artist Trading Cards – Latina Style

Prior to COVID-19 I had an idea rolling around in my head for several weeks. I love making Artist Trading Cards and thought it would be fun to put together a group of my favorite Latina New Mexico artists to do a trade.

Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs for short) are small, baseball-card sized original works of art that can be traded with other artists. It is a cool way to get creative and connect with other artists and to collect great art! They are meant to be traded, not sold.

So why do an all Latina ATC group? I have felt a certain camaraderie with everyone I invited to participate. I have made art, taught art, or have learned art techniques from many of these women. I volunteer at the National Hispanic Cultural Center for the wildly popular Happy Art Hour and have met many of these women through that program. The others? I love of each of them, their art, and their world views. I chose from women of all ages, who work in a variety of mediums, and have different skill levels. I wanted to introduce artists to each other who may not know one other by sharing our art and seeing what powerful, strong, and talented Latinas we are!

This first group of artists were my test pilot group. We each made at least nine cards to trade and one card to keep for a permanent collection. Every time I received a set of cards in the mail, I would squeal in delight at the amazing artwork! One card from each set was put aside for a permanent collection for an exhibition and, hopefully, as part of a permanent collection somewhere. Imagine filling the walls in a public space, gallery, or museum full of intimate small works of art created by hundreds of Latina artists? I’m so excited of the thought!

I have selected a second group of women to invite and will do another trade in a few months. Once that trade has happened, I have a third step to this whole project! I will be contacting someone outside of New Mexico to organize a group of Latina artists to do a trade with all of us! I love celebrating our art in such a small and personal way. How wonderful having a collection of art from amazing Latinas who have strong, powerful, and even whimsical points of view.

Here is the first round of artists! Some of them have thriving art businesses, so please click on the links!

The last photo is the set for the permanent collection. Enjoy!

Pamela Enriquez-Courts

Carol C. Sanchez

Elena Baca

Jade Leyva

Madeline Alfero

Nancy Camacho

Juanita Sandoval

Chamizal MacPherson

Roma Arellano & Daisy Ransom

Catalina Salinas

Lisa Alessio

Lita Sandoval

Permanent Collection

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