The Cycle of Crafting

The other day I was cleaning up one of the several crafting areas in my house and happened upon some beautiful baroque pearl beads and some outrageously cool Hill Tribe sterling silver fish beads. Many years ago, I met a woman who wanted to sell her entire bead collection. I went to her house to pick out and buy some of her collection. I learned that she traveled the world buying beads and she had come to a point where making jewelry had run its course for her and she wanted to move on to painting. I remember thinking, who could get rid of such treasures?

Most crafters I know tend to dabble in a little bit of everything. You start out obsessively making something and just keep going and going. Then, you make one little tweak and you go in a different direction. Then you get inspired by something totally random and you come to a screeching halt and put aside all your supplies only to have to get new supplies to start fresh with your new idea. THEN, you start digging around all your stuff to look for that one little thing you need, and you remember you had all kinds of really cool stuff and BAM! You remembered why you started crafting to begin with and go back to making the stuff you started making in the first place. You get the idea? I call it the cycle of crafting.

I’ve always loved making jewelry. Beads have always been a big part of my repertoire. I’ve also done metalsmithing, made decoupage and wood jewelry, laser cut jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry, resin jewelry, domino jewelry, found object jewelry, etc., etc. I felt like it was time to put my beads away and I honestly have not done any real bead work lately except for a few pairs of earrings here and there.

I moved on to decoupage jewelry. I became obsessed with Japanese and Italian paper and could not stop making decoupage everything using this gorgeous paper. I amassed such a huge amount of paper, so I started making cards. I also started collecting unusual paper ephemera. I then stared making ornaments with all these treasures.

While digging around in my garage recently, I found a huge box of rubber stamps. It was like finding the best Christmas present ever! I had forgotten that I used to rubber stamp a lot! I then began my journey into making artist trading cards and greeting cards with my rubber stamps. It became a new obsession. I now have even more rubber stamps! And along with rubber stamping I dragged out my watercolors for some mixed media rubber stamp pieces.

I have stashes of art supplies all over my house. I get distracted easily by glitter and glue and colorful markers. It can get overwhelming and messy.  When I take the time to organize and clean things up, it triggers ideas in me and I can’t not make something! While cleaning up part of my bead area, I had to play with some beads and ended up making a necklace and few pairs of earrings. And that’s how the cycle begins.

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