A Vacation Menu

I have a super sweet friend who is six years old. I recently received a card in the mail from him. It was actually a vacation menu! There was a little note attached to it that said, “I think Lita would like a vacation, so I made a vacation menu.” Brilliant! It had stickers of suggestions of places I could go and things to do. A vacation menu is what I think all of us need after these stay-at-home orders!

I wanted to thank him in a way that was more than just, “Thank you for thinking of me. I really need a vacation!” My daughter and I thought about taking pictures of cool and interesting things around the city and putting together a ‘vacation photo album,’ but our schedules didn’t mesh and we weren’t able to do it.

I also thought about making little pictures of out-of-this-world fantasy places and sending those as vacation photos. It didn’t come together very well. Then I remembered that I had all kinds of cool rubber stamps of Mexican pyramids, mariachis, cactus, and day of the dead themes. I was going to say I traveled to Mexico with my pretend travel photos. Again, I just wasn’t very inspired.

Since I have a ridiculous collection of rubber stamps, I decided to grab stamps at random and figure out what country would relate to each stamp. It started with a rubber stamp of a little acrobat. I googled famous acrobats and animal-free circuses and discovered there’s a cool youth circus based in Australia called the Flying Fruit Fly Circus!

The ideas just started to flow based on the stamps I chose. My idea was to ‘visit’ different countries and have pictures of the things I saw in each place. For example, I used a moon and Saturn stamp and said I went to the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawai’i. I wrote all the information of where the ‘photos’ were taken on the back.

I backed them on glittery paper and attached them with tiny brads. I packaged all the photos with a note asking if he could find all the places on a map!

I started with the magic flying truck that I used to take me to all these places!

First stop was Australia to see the Flying Fruit Fly Circus!

Then the Sonoran Desert to see a variety of cactus!

New Orleans to listen to some jazz!

Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawai’i!

Cave of the Crystals in Mexico!

It was fun to go to the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France!

Packaged up and ready to deliver!

Looks like my buddy has his map out and is exploring the world!

And it looks like he’s doing a little traveling as well!

Here is the whole set!

Thank you, my sweet friend, for this fabulous adventure!

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