Personal Craft Spaces

I follow an Instagram account called Best Craft Rooms. It is full of photos of beautiful and perfectly staged craft spaces. These spaces are so exquisite, it doesn’t seem like anyone has ever actually made crafts in them. I choose my favorite rooms and imagine which elements from each one I would want in my fantasy art space.

The reality is, I don’t have a craft room. I have a very tiny house, so my craft area ends up being my kitchen table. I have stashes of craft supplies everywhere. I have all kinds of plastic storage bins in various sizes for everything. I even made labels for everything so I could tell the glitter bin from the glue bin from the colored pencil bin. But, alas, I have way too much stuff. I have more boxes of craft supplies in my closets than I have clothes!

As soon as I start a project I blow up my kitchen and the kitchen table is rendered useless for eating and I just work around the chaos. Somehow the chaos is what gets my creative juices flowing and that’s how the magic happens!

I thought about what art and craft spaces of my friends look like. Are they as messy as me? Do they have studios? Do they work in a spare room or do they make due with whatever space they have? Are they organized? The questions and curiosity were killing me, so I asked some friends about their spaces. It is a fascinating look into how others work and what REAL creative spaces look like! I loved getting the photos and seeing the personality in each space. I love seeing how each room is set up and what makes their spaces uniquely theirs and all the lovely personal touches. It’s nice seeing what inspires each artist. Here is what they said about their spaces and what their spaces look like.

Vashti Moss McCulley

My studio is a space for art making, teaching, working, home school, creative adventures, little disasters, reading, getting away, coming home, making, learning, dancing, crying, trying new things, explorations, memories, failures, discoveries. I find inspiration in materials, tools, books, photos, art everywhere. The space is never completely organized, but is always functional, and very much a reflection of all of who I am. 

There are lots of storage areas here – the space is home to my art materials, teaching and home school materials, craft and art projects, ephemera, tools, costumes, and books.

Sue Orchant

My studio is one of the bedrooms in my home. It is a blessing and a curse that it is always there. I didn’t know what a work- a -holic I was! I feel very fortunate to be able to work at home when I am not showing my work at an art festival. The one thing I wish I had done was to take up the carpet! There was a time when there was not one spec of dye on it-can’t say the same now! I wish it was larger, but happy I have one! It is filled with supplies, memories, inspiration, and color!

Jennifer DeSantis

Well, I live in approx 500 square feet with my husband, so this is what I have to work with, lol. I sit cross legged a lot. Storage is under a coffee table. In various boxes.

Pamela Enriquez Courts

My studio is my workspace. It is not pretty but this is where I create everything. I know where every single item is located and I know what is in every drawer, bin, corner and closet. I think my studio is a perfect reflection of myself. Not much to look at but if you bother to look beneath the surface, there are all kinds of things going on.

Everything hanging on my studio walls are there for a reason. There is a story behind every single item. I literally sit in a closet to do my computer work for business and online correspondence. My closet is my personal shrine filled with gifts from people I care about and artwork that inspires me. I know I should take some of these works and display them properly, but my studio is the one place where it is okay for me to be selfish. Every piece hanging in my closet brings me inspiration and joy.

So, not much to look at but it serves me very well. My little space is well used and well loved.

My “studio”

This is reality. I have a closet-like area that I have made into a mini storage area and this is what it looks like when I am working on projects. It’s a mess. I can’t seem to keep it organized when I work. You can see where I tried labeling everything and that ended up falling by the wayside. I do like to rip everything out of that space on occasion and then tidy it up, but that lasts until the next project comes along. So here is it, in all it’s glory, one closet of supplies!

This is typically what happens when I take out just a few supplies to make one thing and it blows up into full blown madness! I tend to start with one idea and then more ideas pop up and I think to myself, “Hey! I have something I can add to this piece. I have brads, and lace, and paper ephemera, and, and, and…!” As evidenced by the photo, my cat likes to help out. She keeps a watchful eye on my progress!

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