Festival of Hearts

I love having traditions. Traditions are a great way for friends and family to connect and share with one another. Traditions seem especially important now that we are all somewhat disconnected because of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

I was inspired by a Facebook craft group I belong to to start a new family tradition. A woman in the group posted photos of a family art competition they do every year for Christmas. Their art had to be inspired by their Mexican heritage and all the pieces were amazing. I talked to my daughter and niece and asked if they would be interested in doing something similar. We all agreed it would be fun. We invited a few other family members as well.

Instead of making something for Christmas, we decided that we would do a yearly Valentine project. We are calling it the Festival of Hearts. Every year we will create a heart in whatever style we choose. We all got large papier-mâché hearts to decorate. We gave ourselves a few weeks to make them and this is what we came up with to spread a little Valentine love!

Below are what we made, all unique and beautiful!

Made with fresh flowers, my cousin Diego did a youtube video about making his!
My daughter Marisa made hers with beautiful handmade Indian paper, sequins, and glitter!
My 91 year old mom, Olga, and her caretaker, Palma, went all out with paint, quilling paper, and die-cuts.
A close up of one that they made – O is for Olga and P is for Palma!
My niece Juanita did a cactus theme. She will be adding flowers!
My partner Jahson painted a beautiful sacred heart!
Me! I used wood laser cut-outs and lots of sequins and beads.
The back of mine.

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